Safety Statement & Quality Policy

Safety Statement

"This is an area where I personally value and focus the most when compared to any other organizational goals and objectives. Safety of People should be ranked prior to safety of assets. I would personally ensure that through required trainings and other resources this area at all times receives maximum priority during and managing office and operations"

Rubin Philip - Founder and Chairman of Jetskies

We at Jestskies take an exclusive note to maintain safety of our people first, then operations as our priority list. Our team is trained to most of the Aviation Safety training programs and is responsible to initiate safer flight turn around.
Though we lay exceptional services to treat innumerable challenges for our customers as our own; we ensure that every challenge is safe and quality oriented.

Quality Policy

"Every time and every day, we are responsible to deliver meritorious quality of approach and services to our customers. The quality of delivery should be such that it raises the current benchmark, create a new one then our next aim should be to surpass it once again. Each one of us is truly responsible to maintain “Trust and confidence” of our clients in the same spirit they allowed us to handle their brand"

Rexon Philip - President Sales & Operations

For us in Jetskies quality means having a customer centric approach in whatever we do and in the way we do it. We believe and train people to have an approach whereby our customer and their customers voice and needs are understood completely while delivering high quality services.
Delivery of quality for us starts from how our people own, respond or proactively perceive a problem and ends in creating value added deliveries for our customers.

* Direct and Not direct clientle

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