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Flying charter means flying special

We stand as leaders in providing Passenger Services, GSD services or Scheduled aircraft handling services in Gujarat, India. Our experience to handle Schedule Aircraft, quality of trained, manpower resources and passion to be present in all domain of Aviation Sector has compelled us to introduce our services in Non Schedule Aircraft Handling.
Now may it be the case of handling Air cabs, private operator handling or handling an Air Ambulance we are ready with our resources

Our Commitment for Non Schedule Aircraft Handling

We deliver exclusive handling service on request. Our staff is well equipped and trained to meet special requirements of chartered services. Our business model is based on simple equation of delivering heightened service to customers.
We are here to create a benchmark in entire non schedule aircraft handling service, till date.

Associated service

Speedy and smooth transit - We strive best in the industry to deliver speedier and smoother transit through immigration and VIP customary practices. Our staff handles such matters quite skillfully and wraps up entire scheduled service at a rapid pace.

Efficient baggage handling - We are here to extend exclusive service of baggage loading and unloading; apart from handling security clearance issues. Our fast and efficient service helps to eradicate the system followed by customers through ages - standing in long queues to undergo security clearance.

Secured ground transportation - Our efficient staff handles faster and secured ground transportation. Apart from our effective luggage transportation (both on and off aircraft), we also undertake timely and secured passenger transport, to and from aircraft in special vehicles.

Aircraft Refuels - We have a trained team to refuel aircrafts rapidly, taking extreme safety measurements.

Catering service - Our team also undertakes better customized gourmet catering service according to customer’s preference.

Hassle free flight dispatch - We have proven records of maintaining hassle free flight dispatch and take off provisions. Our staff takes exclusive steps to carry out such duties with easy, with minimum or no hassle at all.

Ground transportation - There is certainly no match to our innovative means of ground transport and hospitality related to accommodation service.

To sum up, we are striving to deliver best possible outcome that the present sector has experienced so far. With modern technology at hand, we assure you glide away swiftly without any hassle.

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