Ground handling services for Scheduled Aircrafts

For over a decade, we are known and respected for managing and being instrumental in handling Schedule Aircrafts for various Airlines. Our expertise, skills and ability to synchronize resources have been applauded a lot.

Passenger service

We go a long way to make the passengers comfortable and feel safer throughout their journey. Our special emphasis lies on orderly counter service at the check-in department for passengers departing on customer airlines. Our trained staff offer wheel chair assistance, gate departure and arrival services.

Ground handling service

We define this area as one of the “KEY TIME ELEMENT” for an effective turnaround. Every handling should be delivered better, safe and with high quality of job precision that’s the benchmark we bang on.
We don’t plan handlings we in fact plan commendable jobs. Planning starts prior to 45 minutes of ETA (Estimated time of Arrival). Work schedules, Trim Management, Manpower resources and work areas are re-inspected and coordinated to check the readiness to handle the Aircraft. People assigned with multiple tasks like sky caps, boarding staffs and tractor, Coach, GSD Operators are supervised by the Ramp Officers for a timely handling performance.
Our ground team also makes necessary arrangements to load in all luggage of on board passengers scheduled to take off, to ensure no case of luggage lost or damaged.
A superior quality cabin cleaning is a part of our ground handling service. This is a done as per Service Level Agreement with the Airline as it straightly accounts account to an Airlines Passengers impression.

Ramp Service

Our ramp team is also known to deliver High Quality Ramp services that play a vital role in managing, handling and planning schedule aircrafts. Our effective ramp services include aircraft marshaling and towing with the help of pushback tractors.
Our staff is skilled to coordinate for refueling tankers before the aircraft is readied to go for a schedule flight.
Our entire effort is to provide an uninterrupted passenger boarding or disembarking service.

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