Here in HR our mission is to enable a happy working environment within and with the customers of ours.

Our friendly environment for working is a perfect asset to us as an organization dealing in delivering smiles, happiness and satisfaction. We take proper care of our employees and their compatibility through our various training programs and scientific on job analysis.

With more than a decade of experience, we are lending diverse and unique resources leading to exceptional service. We are the pioneer to revolutionize the existing concept of Ground Handling Operations. We are successful to develop an extra ordinary and effective customer support service. Our Board members, Rubin Philip and Princy Augustine understands the importance to recruit and even retain best employees to provide exceptional client service.

We believe in not only to welcome new ideas, but actually solicit them. We allow our employees to achieve growth through inhibition and continuous learning.


We have immense scope of opportunities in ground handling service in aviation industry. We recognize timely and professional service for continued success through successful ground handling.

Minimum qualification required

Candidates should attain a graduate degree. Candidates obtaining diploma certificates may also apply. They should have fluency to speak, understand and write English language. Candidates must attain minimum 19 yrs age and should be compatible working in shifts

  • Opportunity as Ramp Handlers

    We have great career opportunity as ramp handlers to carry out successful luggage, freight or cargo loading or unloading on and off aircrafts. Ramp handlers are also entrusted to transport the items between airport terminals and aircrafts; review tagged luggage and also ensure timely and accurate loading of all such items.

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  • Opportunity as Sky Caps

    We have ample career opportunity as sky caps where candidates offer high level customer service through effective loading or unloading checked baggage service. Sky caps are entrusted to tag all checked items, collect applicable fees and verify applicable weight of luggage. They also provide important information to passengers related to flights and terminal direction.

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  • Opportunity as Airport Support Representative

    We have excellent career prospective and opening for Airport Support Representatives. Our representatives offer high customer service through assisting passengers and travelling public with their baggage. Our Airport Support Representatives also assist passengers with information like flight schedules and directions to terminal access.

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  • Opportunity as Airport Ground Coordinators

    We have vast opening for qualified candidates as Airport Ground Coordinators. Our ground coordinators are responsible for effective monitoring activity. They perform effective aircraft security checking. Their main duties encompass ensuring security of unattended aircrafts. They maintain records and logs of international arrivals, departures and overnight grounding of aircrafts.

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* Direct and Not direct clientle

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